Journey Toward Development

Ethical education will honor and reward learners who seek to integrate knowledge above learners who work only for a grade.

“A learning community 1) identifies the internal motivator, 2) connects interest and current knowledge with a vision and new knowledge, 3) identifes human and other resources, 4) provides permission to make mistakes and grow, and 5) encourages the student to do what he/she alone can do.”

Michael A. Wright “theMentor”, Chairman & CEO, MAWMedia Group, LLC.

Who We Are

The complete research cycle is required to achieve long-term change. One may enter the cycle at Practice Wisdom, move through deductive process toward Empirical Findings, and return through inductive process to Practice Wisdom. Throughout the process, it is important to realize and respect the power of the researcher, practitioner, and the learner to create realities. Honoring this potential shared contribution requires a platform. EduMAW is that platform with purpose to:

  • Develop learners to experience their best selves by sharing their expertise
  • Equip learners to excel in all areas of their lives with balance
  • Support informed consumers of education and critical thinking
  • Promote principled behavior
  • Reinforce holistic development

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy can be described as a control system model as opposed to an assembly-line model. In an assembly-line model, parts are assembled as they come down the assembly line. The ease of construction and uniformity of outcomes are due to the fact that all the parts are identical and placed in a specific order for assembly. The student only need follow the directions to achieve the target outcome.

A control system model recognizes that neither people nor their learning approaches are identical. Instead of relying on a specific order or instruction manual for achieving outcomes, the system of education must be flexible enough to both accept diverse students and enable diverse outcomes.