EduMAW Countdown

    I Want to HELP AS A:
    Instructor: Create Course by 7/24Beta Tester: Test 6/30-7/10Ambassador: Share 7/10-7/28Patron: Invite all FB Friends to like eduMAW FB page on 7/24General: I just support in spirit.

    Way to Get Involved

    • Instructors: Instructors will develop a 6-lesson or greater course for the eduMAW course tools. This arrangement comes with no commission. Or, instructors in the pilot may opt to develop the course for free and receive a 80% commission on sales of the course for the lifecycle of the course. Normal commissions after launch will be 60%. The 80% commission rate will remain in force for pilot instructors on the courses they create during the pilot (up to 7/28/2017). Courses must meet the development and style specifications of
    • Beta Testers: Will receive a set of courses to review between 6/30 and 7/10. Testers are required to write of call with a response to a set of basic questions about user experience, reactions, and content suggestions. They will be asked to at least sign-up for a course, view a lesson, and take a quiz.
    • Ambassadors: Will receive one complimentary course for their term as ambassador.  They will share a set of hashtags (#eduMAWCE, #eduMAW) on social media at least once per week with their own messages or share content produced by for marketing purposes between 7/10 and 7/28.
    • Patrons: Will receive a complimentary course each month of the first 6-months of their term as patron. On July 24, 2017, they will invite all their Facebook friends to like the Facebook page.

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